GoEventus Launching eKombat Tournament

GoEventus is launching the inaugural eKombat tournament combining the immense growing popularity of eSports with the benefits of social integration and community development inherent with real sports. Participants will choose from the most popular videogames associated with eSports - NBA, Madden, FIFA and NHL. Teams of 5 will battle it out on the screen AND compete on the court in a 4-on-4 street ball game in a round robin style tournament for the chance to WIN. Make sure your team has a mix of egamers and street ballers to up your chances of winning because it's anyone's game! Besides the ultimate bragging rights, there's over $1000 in prize pools to be won!
SPECTATORS: The Live Experience of watching the tournament will be centered around interactive broadcasts, games and competitions, live DJ and MC and other surprises with tons of immersive activities and spectator giveaways!

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Virtual Reality

Put on a VR headset and choose from over a hundred games!


Xbox/PS4 Gaming Stations

Choose from NBA, NHL, Madden & FIFA and compete with other attendees!


Nintendo Classics

From Super Mario Bros, Duckhunt and so many more - We are bringing back the classics, too!


Just Dance

Taking a dance competition to a whole new level of fun!


97.5 Virgin Radio

Virgin Radio Hit Squad onsite with Jumbo Jenga, Cornhole & Connect4!


Open Basket Ball Court

Put your skills to the test in the 3 Point and Beat The Shot Clock Competitions!


The first eKombat tournament will take place March 10th in London Ontario. Teams will consist of 5 players and is open to all who want to play from 11 years old and up -- this is a co-ed tournament. Players cannot play in a division younger than their age. However, you will be permitted to "play up" in age categories if you choose -- That way families can play together.

How it all works

Age categories will be broken down as follows:
- 11-13 (10 Teams)
- 14-15 (10 Teams)
- 16-18 (10 Teams)
- 19+ (10 Teams)

Each eSport and 4-on-4 street ball game will be 20 minutes long and points will be tracked in an weighted point scoring system. The tournament will be a round robin format with each team guaranteed 5 games in both eSports and street ball on the first day. All teams will be invited to participate in the knockout rounds to determine who plays in the finals.
Teams will continue to accumulate points throughout the day and compete for the title of crowning eKombat CHAMP and of course the Cash Prize.

Special Thanks to London Area McDonald's Franchises During the registration process, McDonald's lunch will be available for pre-order!
Do not skip this step to receive a discounted lunch from this tournament sponsor!

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